Long Term Financial Solutions

We believe that the enthusiasm of being an entrepreneur shouldn’t put anyone down.

If banks might be reluctant to offering you long term financial solutions, such as a residential mortgage, we are here to do the opposite. We are aware that being self-employed can be a source of uncertainty given that the income isn’t a fixed amount or that sometimes the credit history isn’t perfect, but we think people with ideas and initiative should be supported. And so do our lenders who compete to offer you the money you need, respecting the terms you can afford.

Our non-bank lenders are happy to discuss each candidate’s request on an individual basis and to offer a loan based on the price of your house, not your income. More than that, many of the deals we can get you aren’t even on the market yet. And the great news is that taking advantage of our offers doesn’t cost you anything – it is the lenders who pay us commissions to put them in touch with people like you. Stop wasting money and time on applications that might get you nowhere!

Contact us and let us do business the proper way – quickly, safely and at your best convenience. We have the know-how!